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I'm a copywriter and blogger for tech and Internet companies of all sizes.

CEOs and marketers choose me when they need help marketing their products and services to increase their conversions and sales.

If you want your business to also enjoy greater conversions and sales, then choose me, and get in touch with me.

I write copy for all of your inbound marketing needs.

I deliver all the time for all clients…and I'll deliver for you as well!



Marc Schenker Copywriter
Review of Marc Schenker Copywriting services

Jon Phillips"Working with Marc has been a flawless experience from the start. His copywriting skills are second to none, and he always goes the extra mile to meet project requirements. Not only that, but he's very flexible and attentive to details. I would highly recommend Marc, and I'm very happy to have him on my team."

Date published: 01/14/2015
4.8 / 5 stars


Marc Schenker Copywriter
Review of Marc Schenker Copywriting services

Benjie Moss"I’m always keen to work with Marc; his professionalism is second to none, and his in-depth understanding of digital marketing is of enormous benefit to our readers. If you’re looking for a copywriter who has the insights to substantially increase your conversions, I suggest you drop Marc a line."

Date published: 01/16/2015
4.7 / 5 stars
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  • Infographic Scripts
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My copywriting clients

Canva - Graphic Design Software Company


I research and write for the company's corporate blog.


Fiverr - E-commerce Marketplace for Creative & Professional Services


I write all sorts of marketing materials for the company, including infographic & video scripts, landing page/banner campaign copy, blog posts, news articles, social media copy & site copy.


Social Media Examiner


I cover social media and write about best practices for businesses wanting to get the best conversion and sales results by leveraging social media.


Webydo - Website-Building Platform


I transcribe videos into content for the company, as well as contribute to its blog.